With the widespread use of energy-saving lamps, in order to ensure the quality and safety of the lighting, in addition to the excellent hardware quality of the lighting itself, attention should be paid to the quality of the lighting and the power supply cable. High temperature will be generated during the lighting work, and the ordinary cable can withstand high The temperature is extremely limited, and the silicone resistant wire can continue to work at a high temperature of 200°C for a long time and is suitable for installation and connection in electrical circuits with a high temperature AC rated voltage of 600V.

 Energy saving and environmental protection is the general trend. Lighting is an indispensable lighting tool in people’s production and life. It plays a pivotal role. Lighting converts electrical energy into light energy and internal energy. At the same time, it generates a large amount of heat energy. Under high temperature conditions, the product is easy to produce. Subject to oxidation, etc., the materials used should have outstanding performance in terms of temperature resistance. As a medium for power transmission, the wire itself should have requirements for high temperature and high pressure resistance.