April 2019 Indonesia (Jakarta) International Electronic Components and Smart Home Exhibition

Indonesia spans the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean and contains approximately 17,000 islands. At present, foreign investment and local development are concentrated in areas dominated by Jakarta, including Tangerang, Cikarang and other places. The Java island accounts for about 54% of the overall investment market in Indonesia. The increase in foreign investment momentum is greatly related to the increase in Indonesian private consumption. At present, domestic consumption accounts for about 60% of GDP, and investment and exports account for about 20%. The economic growth rate in 2011 is about 7%. ) Matches the published report. Due to the Indonesian government’s reforms, stabilizing the local market and attracting foreign investment strategies, Indonesia’s international competitiveness ranking in 2011 jumped to 35th. Economists believe that Indonesia is still a very key emerging market among ASEAN countries.

Indonesia has a population of 240 million, and the domestic consumer market has considerable potential. According to industry sources, TVs and mobile phones are currently the top two 3C electronic products imported by Indonesia. The chairman of the Indonesian Electronic Association (Indonesian Electronic Association), Mr. Rachmat, said that a well-known multinational electronic product manufacturer has increased investment in Indonesia and established an assembly plant. In addition to selling in Indonesia, it also uses the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (AFTA). Advantages to expand markets in neighboring countries. In addition, Indonesian manufacturers have also begun to develop their own brands. For example, Polytron, Cosmos, Miyako and Sanken have a good reputation. Most of these manufacturers have changed from early agents to assembly plants or self-developed and manufactured, and rapidly expanded domestic channels with their own brands. And the market.

Investment guidelines and layout suggestions: Indonesia has a large labor population and is suitable for labor-intensive industries to set up assembly plants. Therefore, major manufacturers in the United States, Japan, and South Korea have set up large assembly plants in industrial areas across Indonesia; if Chinese component manufacturers can cooperate with the United States The quality requirements of major Japanese and Korean brand manufacturers, and cooperate with major OEM manufacturers to set up important component manufacturing plants. In addition to the Indonesian market, they can also supply assembly plants in Southeast Asia nearby.